Natural Ways of Reducing Belly Fat in Women

by Mike

Belly FatWith the increased fat storage in the abdominal area for younger women, belly fat loss for women is a trending topic in today’s world. There are various factors for belly fat which makes burning fat in this area of the body a difficult task. According to recent research, the root causes of belly fat are genes, age, gender, food intake and stress. With all these factors in place an increase in  abdominal fat can be a problem. Belly fat not only creates an awkward look but also causes an unhealthy situation. You women look attractive with a slim and firm body shape. The advances in technology and our fast-moving world have resulted in many people neglecting their body health and contribute to the tendency to put on weight. Belly fat is also called visceral fat which will not cause serious problems in young people, but will create problems as you age further.

The abdominal area is the first place where 99% of the people will begin to notice weight gain. So it is a very good idea to learn to restrain your taste for certain food items and keep an eye on your body weight. Here are few easy ways to reduce belly fat in women.

Do not miss breakfast: Most people believe that the main reason for their increased weight is increased intake of food. They may start to skip breakfast with the intention of reducing belly size. But what you should know is breakfast stands as the day’s important meal. When you sleep at night the complete metabolism of the body will slow down. As a result, the burning of calories also will be reduced. So there will greater accumulation of fat in the body during the night. When you have a good breakfast in the morning, the metabolism will return to normal. The body starts to burn the calories received and also the increased metabolism rate will burn the fat accumulated overnight. If you skip breakfast the body will not have a proper metabolism rate and will start to conserve more and more fat.

Have consistent food: Most people have the tradition of eating 3 meals per day, but according to research performed on metabolism, it is better to break down the same food into 5 meals. When you consume a large quantity of food at a time, some of the food will be processed and energy will be generated. But some of the food will stay in the body without a proper metabolism and thus turns into fat in the abdominal area. Try to have a regular 3 meals along with some snacks twice in between meals. This will keep up the metabolic rate and helps to burn fat regularly to provide you with consistent energy. This will also help you to be active all through the day.

Drink sufficient amount of water: Water plays a very important role in maintaining the body function. In women, losing belly fat is much easier when more water is consumed. Parts of the body that will look after the metabolism are similar to machinery parts. There should be a proper supply of oil for the machinery parts to provide 100% results. In the same way, water will act as a lubricant for digestion of the food. When the food is mixed with a sufficient amount of water, it will supply oxygen to burn the fats and thus there will be no chance of accumulation. When you drink a good amount of water, it will also make you feel full and thus prevents you from consuming too much food. One should note that it is bad to consume water in the middle of meals. Drink water before and after meals.

Dietary fiber for fat burning: Belly fat loss for women is very easy when food consumed is rich in fiber content. Dietary fiber is a vital component which will act as a remover of toxins in the body. The stomach will not digest this fiber but it will help proper digestion of the food. For adult women it is highly recommended to have 25 grams of dietary fiber every day. This will mix with the normal food and increases the speed at which the food moves through the intestine. This will carry out the excess calories and toxins along with it and it will pass out of the body. Dietary fiber does not contain a single calorie and thus there will be no chance of fat build-up in the body.

Involvement in physical activity: Women’s belly fat loss is directly proportional to the amount of physical activity. Today’s busy lifestyle and working schedules have created a tendency for women to put on more weight. Women are less exposed to physical activities and thus have lowered breakdown of sugars and calories in the body. If you really intend to burn excess fat then you need to find time in your daily schedule to involve yourself in some physical activities. Perform some exercises early in the morning to burn the fat stored during the night time. Most people have found that proper diet along with some exercise provide a perfect result in the shortest possible time. For this a woman can go jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing and do aerobics. All these activities will increase the heart rate and thus more blood will be pumped in the body. When there is increased blood circulation of blood there will be good supply of oxygen to the body cells and thus combustion of calories or fats will be increased. This will also keep you healthy as the capacity of the lungs and heart will be increased.

Consume carbohydrates but avoid bad carbohydrates: It is a bad assumption that carbohydrates are always bad for a healthy body. There are two varieties of carbohydrates, good and bad carbohydrates. Good carbohydrates don’t increase the body size but are highly essential for normal functioning of the body. Bad carbohydrates are made up of refined flour and grain products. So avoid white bread, biscuits, cake, pasta and donuts. These kinds of carbohydrates create increased storage of fat in the body. You should concentrate on fruits and vegetables which will fight against such accumulation of fats. When there is an increased fat in the body, the whole body will lose its stability as it will vary the insulin secretion in the body.

Stop junk foods: Junk food as the name implies is junk for your body. If you are really interested in reducing belly fat, then you need cut down on junk food. Junk foods contain sugars and carbohydrates which are bad for our health. Bad in the sense that it is hard to break them down and they find a place around the abdomen, increasing abdominal fat. You need to control the temptation to consume such foods.

Avoid stress: Women who are continuously exposed to increased working pressure at the office will be sure to put on weight. The reason behind this is the secretion of cortisol which will be increased at times of stress. It will stimulate the body to store more fats around the abdomen. Yale University has conducted a survey including 60 working women. Those who had faced more pressure in the working environment had increased body weight within a month period of time. So the best way to have a slim body is to be free from stress. Meditation is the best way to control stress as it will help you to control your mind. One can also perform aerobic exercise for beating stress.

Stop intake of alcohol: Working women are subject to a business culture that encourages them to drink alcohol. It is a known fact that alcohol is a depressant that decreases all the normal activities of the body. Hence drinking alcohol will also cause the metabolism to be reduced and fat accumulation to be increased. Keep in mind that alcohol itself is a rich source of sugar which will increase the bloating.

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Reduced belly fat in women is important for creating a prettier and slimmer look. This will help a woman to stand out in the crowd and get noticed easily. Follow the simple and natural ways described above to have a slender look. It is a normal tendency for women to have a companion for every activity. So make friends and encourage them to come together to exercise so that you build a healthy group in your friend circle. There is no need to worry about belly fat as you can target it easily with simple activities. A slim and fit body is a healthy body, so go for it and build a healthy and attractive world.


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